• Can work at 180 ° C - 200 ° C temperature
• Cooking base 250x250x30 mm firebrick
• Bottom part is galvanized sheet metal.
• The upper part is completely insulated
• Ovens are on wheels, they can be easily moved to the desired location thanks to the wheels.
• Ovens have 2 or 3 burners at the bottom and 2 at the top.
• Can work with LPG
• Tiles are used in the ovens and can be made in the desired color. (Custom tiles are not included in the price)

Code Name of the product Dimensions Internal Dimensions Power Weight
DYF - 117 L Pita and Lahmacun Oven (LPG) 1200x1200x1720x2020 1000x1000 32 KW 420 Kg
DYF - 119 L Pita and Lahmacun Oven (LPG) 1200x1400x1720x2020 1000x1200 32 KW 490 Kg
DYF - 121 L Pita and Lahmacun Oven (LPG) 1300x1500x1720x2020 1100x1300 32 KW 550 Kg
DYF - 124 L Pita and Lahmacun Oven (LPG) 1400x1600x1720x2020 1200x1400 32 KW 620 Kg
DYF - 126 L Pita and Lahmacun Oven (LPG) 1600x1800x1720x2020 1400x1600 32 KW 760 Kg
DYF - FT Oven Front Counter (Without Marble) 1400x1000x1000 107 Kg