TOPIC Pflegekombination

The slide washing machine integrated into the combined maintenance unit, which is shaped according to the needs, is a mini combination with maximum performance. With a work bench, hygienic drain sink, hand wash basin and a suitable cabinet that can be added according to your needs, an extremely compact unit that provides more hygiene results. The system supports the prevention of dangerous microbes that cause nosocomial infections. Just place the unit and connect it, the unit is ready to use. This combined maintenance unit with integrated TOPIC slide washing machine can be extended or extended without any problems at any time. For example, additional cabinets, more countertops, larger sinks or sliders, additional shelves can be added to store duck, kidney tubs and potty.

TOPIC slide washing and disinfection machine, which is quick and easy to install, has heat and sound insulation. Thus, it provides more hygienic safety in nursing homes and nursing homes.