TOPIC Einzelgerät

If you are looking for the most hygienic solution in a compact size, the TOPIC washing and disinfection machine as a single unit is the right choice. The machine, which can be set up in a very short time, fits into even the tightest spaces. Place it on the floor or hang it on the wall, make connections and start using right away! This washer and disinfector is the ideal solution for modernizing or renovating your cleaning room. Although it is quick to install and very easy to use thanks to the One Touch operating concept, it does not compromise on hygiene safety, because the A0 value can be set according to the DIN EN ISO 15883 standard.
Washing and disinfection machines in the TOPIC series show high flexibility thanks to the multifunction holder portfolio. Thus, different types of sliders, duck, kidney tub, urine bowl, potty or feces buckets can be cleaned. Washing and disinfection machines in the TOPIC series are made of stainless steel with robust workmanship and have advanced technology.