Cimbali M100 HD Coffee Machine, 3 Groups, Black

• Number of Groups: 3

• Voltage: 380 V Three Phase

• Power: 6,7 - 8 kW

• Dimensions: 1017x559x605

Net Weight: 109 kg

Automatic espresso coffee machine

Ability to adjust temperature and pressure separately on each head and to differentiate (decrease, increase) the pressure within the given dose time

3 color options: stainless + matt black / stainless + white / stainless + glossy aluminum

Advanced touch heads and electronic display

10 liter boiler with double heat exchanger and thermal system and independent coffee boiler for each head (400cc / head)

Coffee boiler resistor: 800W

Patented smart boiler technology (smart boiler technology) minimizes heat losses.

2 standard steam sleeves

1 hot water tap - 3 different dose and temperature settings option

USB port for updating the machine's software or uploading formulas made on the computer to the machine