Cimbali M1 MilkPS Espresso Coffee Machine Automatic

Cimbali M1 MilkPS Espresso Coffee Machine Automatic

Compact super automatic espresso and capuccino machine

Patented smart boiler technology (smart boiler technology) accelerates the steam and hot water delivery capacity by 30%.

With the Capuccino system key, you can get capuccino and latte with just one click.

With MilkPs, you can consistently obtain the milk dose in the cup, customize the degree of milk warming for each selection.

Drink options: 2x8 pieces (shift key can assign 2 options to each key)

• 1 hot water option

1 steam sleeve

• 1 hot water tap (with dosage)

• 1 boiler, container: 2.5 liters

With 2 mills and chambers, chambers 0.6 kg

Theoretical Performance:

Coffee production: 200 cups / hour

Capuccino production: 190 cups / hour

Hot water production: 33 * 500cc / hour

Liquid heating: 29 * 500cc / hour