Remta DR15 250 Cup Digital Tea Maker

- Made of 304 chrome 18/10 stainless steel.
- The brew chamber and strainer are made of stainless steel.
- It provides long-term deterioration of tea flavor.
- Provides convenient use for mass consumption.
- It responds to every request with its 3 size model.
- It is hygienic and long lasting.
- It is economical with its automatic temperature control system.
- It can be transported with heat insulated handles.
- It has water and tea level indicators.
- Water heating system has been specially designed.
- Provides hot water and tea that doesn't get stale all day long.
- It is equipped with a corrosion-free shock tube resistance that boils water.
- Provides ergonomic use with special model taps.
- It is produced in accordance with European Union norms.
- It has CE certificate.

Product Dimensions: 410x460x580mm
Weight: 5.5 kg
Capacity: 22 lt
Power: 2200 W