Frozy FR70 LSI Ice Machine, 67 kg / day

Frozy FR70 LSI Ice Machine

The product can go under the counter

Made of 304 quality stainless steel

The product has a storage container made of polycarbonate material.

Makes 18 gr of standard ice. Optionally, a machine that produces 13 g of ice can be supplied.

Technicial Specifications

Production Capacity (kg / 24h): 67

Storage Capacity (kg): 40

Ice Type: LSI

Cooling System: Air

Climate Class: T

Refrigerant: R134a

Voltage: 230V-50Hz

Product Dimensions: 738x600x822 mm

Packaged Product Dimensions: 794x656x987 mm

Loading Quantity (20DC): 46

Loading Quantity (40HC): 102

Loading Quantity (Truck-Optima): 120