MXSPK Series Spiral Dough Mixers

MXSPK Series Spiral Dough Mixers

Fork and bowl are driven by different motors in our SPK series spiral mixers.

The boiler and spiral can be operated in different directions if desired. In this way, you can clean the boiler more conveniently.

We have machines with different capacities from 80 liters to 365 liters.

Fork can work at 2 different speeds. There is a boiler direction control and a timer. When the boiler is open, the machine can be stopped with the switch.

While the stainless steel provides durable stability, you can see the inside of the boiler from the compartments.

It offers additional strength with a reinforcement belt around the boiler.

It provides quieter operation and easier maintenance with the belt-pulley drive system.
It has an advanced control panel with two different time clocks that can be programmed automatically and manually.
It is possible to operate the boiler and fork independently.