MXSEB 210 Vegetable Processing (300Kg / h)

- 210 mm diameter discs.
- Two different material entry holes. Push handle bore for large materials, cylinder bore with ram for thin materials.
- Material push hole width 79mm, length 134mm.
- Material feeding cylinder bore diameter 65mm, height 130mm.
- Completely AISI 304 stainless steel body.
- Discs on the standard machine: Grating Disc 3mm, Grating Disc 7mm, Slicing Disc 5mm, Slicing Disc 10mm, Bar Cut 5x5mm
- Automatic stop-start. The machine starts automatically when the material wide feed hole is closed.
- Optional discs purchased separately: Grating Disc 4mm, Slicing Disc 2mm, Bar Cut 10 × 10 mm, Cube Cut 10 × 10 mm *, Cube Cut 20 × 20 mm *.
- If requested, its stand can be purchased separately. There are disc storage holes on the stand. (SEB 210H model)