Lokma Dessert Machine (Luxury Bench)


Three phase 0.18 kW 1300 - 1400 rpm

Single phase 0.18 kW 1300 - 1400 rpm


10 kg dough at a time.

Pours 240 pieces of palace donuts in 1 minute

Pours 60 Izmir donuts (rings) in 1 minute

Technicial Specifications

The smallness or size of the donut can be adjusted on the machine.

The material used in the machine is 304 chrome nickel. (inox)

The cooking unit can be produced as electric or LPG heated.

Cooking Bench Dimensions

Height: 135 cm

Width: 75 cm

Height 127 cm

The cooking bench consists of 3 parts as a cooking, two sherbet and a resting tub.
The cooking pot is 50 cm in diameter.
Tubs are 1/1.
With the help of the braked wheels on the counter, it can be easily taken to the desired place.