AK100_DSC Meatball Forming Machine Cooled - Without Compressor (mechanical)

COMPRESSOR-FREE COOLING SYSTEM AK100_DSC With our fully integrated top plate cooling system and multi air-flow fan system, continuous cooling is provided at the base.
If the Meatball Form Machine Is Cooled:

Meat processing and meatball preparation department ensures that the meat is prepared at the appropriate temperature (below +10 degrees) in unsuitable businesses.
It limits the reproduction of micro-organisms in the meatball dough and contributes to the protection of the cold chain.
It ensures that the meatballs come out more formally and regularly.

Meatball Forming Machine Without Compressor (mechanical)

Since there is no need for a compressor, the electrical energy and oil consumption of the compressor is eliminated. The most important feature of the system is its silent operation. Another feature of the system is that all movements are distributed synchronously from the same motor, reducing the possibility of wire breakage. AK100_DSC Flanging Form Machine works with 220-230 V 50hz electricity.