MXADR-5E-GK Doner Robot Electric 5 Heater Wide Cut

MXADR-5E-GK Doner Robot Electric 5 Heater Wide Cut

• Hygienic and untouched cutting.

• Simple to use and no experience is required.

• Parts can be easily removed and cleaned easily.

• 24-hour operation feature.

• Ability to cut the desired thickness, precise and continuous doner. Possibility

• Reducing the general expenses of the company

• Giving prestige to the business

• Adjustable pressure feature on the meat during cutting

• The feature of adjusting the motor speed on demand

• Detachable railed and filtered meat chamber

• Detachable meat cutting blade

• 140 mm.

• Automatic knife sharpening motor

• Doner kebab bearing mechanism to prevent damage to the motor

• Air filter cooling fans

• Doner motor rotating in two directions and isolated from oil

• Emergency stop button for safety. The doner cooker can move back and forth and its angle is adjustable.

• The doner cooker has adjustable wings that allow easy cleaning

• There is a protection plate to prevent damage to the radians during cleaning

• A heater to maintain the temperature of the cut meat. The feature of converting to double row V model "doner kebab".

• Long life radiant and wires.

• Taps with safety valve.

• Easily program update. • Single-phase operation. • Low energy consumption. • Manual cutting in case of any malfunction or power failure.

Weight: 198 Kg
Bottom Fixed Width: 75 Cm
Maximum Meat Weight: 150 Kg
Maximum Meat Diameter: 54 cm
Maximum Meat Height: 76 Cm
Depth Bottom: 109 Cm
Width: 99 Cm
Voltage Heater: 400 V
Voltage Control: 230 V
Power (Control): 120-400 W
Power Cooker: 8 kW
Number of Radians: 5
Depth Without Tray: 76 Cm
Height: 153 Cm