Banana Cold Room

General features
All panels 120 mm thick, 42 ​​kg / m³ density high
pressure polyurethane insulation and DIN 4102 Standards B3
It has non-flammability class features.
External surfaces of wall and ceiling panels 0.50-0.55 mm thick
and its upper surface is painted with 25 micron polyester-based paint, interior
Its surface is primed galvanized sheet.
Inner surface of floor panels 0.50-0.55 mm thick AISI 304
quality, patterned stainless steel sheet, special for the bottom surface of the sheet
10 mm thick wood glued with adhesive technique
reinforced; The outer surface is 0.50-0.55 mm thick on galvanized
It is polyester painted sheet.
Cold room panels can be assembled and disassembled, eccentric
has hook-lock mechanism and can carry itself.
Panel coating surfaces will not produce odor, mold and bacteria
It is plasticized in shape.
It does not contain other toxic-toxic substances.
Panel combinations are such that they prevent air, heat and steam passage.
1006 interior and exterior surfaces of wall and ceiling panels
It complies with the FoodSafeQuality (Food Safety System) standard.
It is 90 × 190 cm in size and has a clear transition hitting door.
Cold room door is locked from outside and opened from inside
has a mechanism.
Programmable with automatic and manual defrost
It has a control panel with microprocessor.
Control of room interior lighting via control panel
are being.
Display of cooling, fan, defrost, alarm and time.
Fast cooling, On / Off feature, Password protection and External or
It has features of connecting to central alarm.

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